About Me - Suzanne Goodwin

I am a fine art photographer located in the Vancouver, BC area and the person behind Illumina Photographics.

I’ve been photographing since my teenage years and my work is predominantly influenced by the natural world. Growing up in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, rural Alberta and Ontario, instilled within me a great love for the beauty and diversity of our land, the fragility of its wild inhabitants and the tide of the seasons.

All these things, the animals, the water and earth, the light and the air, and even the constructions of our man-made world, serve as inspiration for much of my work. Drawing upon their atmospheric and ephemeral qualities, I create dream-like, poetic images, which evoke memory and emotion.

Often a combination of multiple layers of texture and imagery, my image making process starts in-camera and is subsequently completed using various methods including digital tools, image transfers and occasionally hand altering of the final prints.

Available for commercial license, my images have been used for CD and book covers, sold in local galleries and found their way into people’s homes the world over. I am grateful to share my vision with others,

I'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch at