Moving Some Trees

Moved By Trees ii

Moved By Trees ii

A quickie road trip up to Whistler, BC early this year resulted in this image and the beginnings of a new set of abstract, nature based work - a favourite subject of mine in case you hadn't already noticed! This image, "Moved By Trees ii" was one from along the return drive that really resonated with me and demonstrates, I think, how beauty can be found in even the most humble of subjects.

So if this is image "ii", where is "i" you may ask? Well, I just decided to post this one first is all since I'm still finalizing a couple of the others. Truth be told, I loved this one so much I just wanted to post it right away. I do love me a blurry tree photograph.

Available now as a print in sizes 8"x10" on up to 40"x60".